PragmaDev Studio


   Use case

PragmaDev and CEA LIST common laboratory aims at generating a minimum set of test cases to cover all or a part of a model.



PragmaDev provides a set of modeling and testing tools that helps managing complexity inherent to developing state of the art systems. PragmaDev Studio integrates different tools based on international standards. The tools target architects/system engineers, developers, and testers.

PragmaDev Specifier helps system engineers to unambiguously specify and verify the functionalities of the system, and define the best architecture for performance or energy efficiency.

PragmaDev Developer helps software designers to write maintainable and self documented code.

PragmaDev Tester helps testers to write validation and integration tests with an abstract dedicated language.

PragmaDev Tracer is used in the early phase to describe the expected behavior and properties of the system to be developed. And in the later phase to trace execution and verify it is conform to the expected properties and scenarios described earlier on.


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